Upcoming Events Continued …

Event Specific Rules

  1. Submissives will greet all by Sir or Ma’am, unless asked to address by another term and the submissive is comfortable calling them that name, i.e. “Mistress” or “Master”.
  2. Submissives will not make direct eye contact with anyone unless asked to.
  3. Submissives are not allowed on any furniture, except play furniture. Exceptions for aftercare will be made.
  4. Submissives are expected to kneel when waiting or serving (see #6 about exceptions).
  5. Submissives must serve their Tops before getting food or drink for themselves, and must always be ready and aware of their Top’s needs.
  6. Rules are enforced only by the submissive’s Top. No shaming is allowed if another submissive cannot kneel, etc.
  7. Tops may not command submissives not under their charge (unless consented to) and may not touch others without permission.

Venue Rules

  1. All persons entering Fetish Haven SA for any reason must be able to show valid ID proving they are over the age of 18, and must sign a Liability Waiver & Indemnity Agreement.
  2. Mobile phones, video cameras and other recording devices are not allowed in Fetish Haven SA without approval of management.
  3. All scenes and interactions must be 100% consensual. Each individual is responsible for their own safety. Do not interrupt a play scene that you are not a part of. Masturbation while watching scenes is not allowed.
  4. Safe words are RED (play immediately stops), YELLOW (slow down, pause) and GREEN. If a participant cannot utter a verbal safe word, they will use a drop item to indicate RED.
  5. Play is only allowed in the monitored play space, not in the lobby, bathroom, or outside.
  6. Fetish Haven SA is not responsible for any personal items lost, stolen, or damaged.
  7. Oral sex and sexual penetration by fingers or toys is allowed in the monitored play space only. CBT and genital torture is allowed.
  8. No scat or golden showers are allowed. No free-flowing blood or any activities that might cause permanent damage of any kind are allowed.
  9. If any participant bleeds during percussion play or any other scene, the DM will end the session. If the injury is a small nick or scrape, the DM will allow the participant to clean the area, cover it securely with a band-aid, and resume playing. DMs reserve the right to end a scene if they feel there is a valid medical concern.
  10. Edge play (non-consent, play piercing, breath play, knife play, fire play, etc.) is allowed but participants must notify the DM prior to beginning the scene.
  11. Full nudity is allowed. Please use a towel or drop cloth when sitting down.
  12. Sanitize the equipment with the provided supplies after your scene.
  13. Violators are subject to removal from the event and may be banned from future events at the discretion of the DMs/Fetish Haven SA staff.