protocol is any defined, enforced code of behavior, and or rituals whether it be within the confines of a particular group, community, or other interpersonal dynamic (such as a power exchange relationship).

Protocols are a set of governing rules that dictate the body, behavior and attitudes through an enforced code of behavior and/or rituals whether it be within the confines of a particular group, community, or interpersonal dynamic.

Protocols are often referred to those found within a power exchange relationship. The reason there is no set rules about universal protocols is because every power exchange relationship is different, not just based on relationship style, but more specifically on the individuals involved in the relationship and their needs and wants.

Best Practices indicate that it is unreasonable to expect that others should or must respect your particular set of protocols if you have not negotiated for such things with them.

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Upcoming Events

High Protocol Formal Dinner & Play Party

Date & Time:
Note! This party has been postponed for now!

Fetish Haven SA
Unit 14, 70 – 5th Street,
Wynberg, Sandton

7:00 – 7:30pm: Rules and Expectations
For submissives, in the kitchen part of the club and
for Doms/Dommes, in the Dungeon area.

7:30pm: Cigars and Brandy
Submissives will return to their Dom/Domme and begin cigar and drink service in the designated social / chill area. The social time will continue both outside and in, until dinner.

9:00pm: Dinner
Submissives well serve a catered dinner to their Dom/Domme. Submissives will eat only after they have completed their serving duties, and must always be ready to respond to their Dom/Domme as needed. Near the end of dinner, the amazing Rope Master, RopeWranglerZA will be doing a mesmerizing Rope performance.

Afterwards, submissives will help clean up and assist with moving of any furniture that may be required.

10:30 – 3:00am: Play Party
Play / Funishment begins!

Although the extensive list of rules and protocols will be explained upon arrival, here are some basics:

  • Other than the front (chill) area and outside the front door, all rules and protocol must be maintained.
  • Submissives will not be allowed on any furniture at any time, except bondage furniture during play.
  • Submissives must never look anyone directly in the eyes and always use Yes Sir or No Sir/Ma’am, etc
  • ALL Doms/Dommes must be in Formal Attire and are responsible for their submissive’s actions.
  • Submissives must be either naked or wearing lingerie (suspender belt, stockings, etc) with their collars.

The impartial MsCleo, along with RopeWranglerZA and Master Tungsten will choose the best High Protocol couple of the night, with the prize being a free fetish photoshoot with Depraved_Eros in November, when He visits U/us here in sunny SA.

Cost of the evening is R1000 per couple, which includes a three course meal, cigars and brandy. There is a cash bar available. No outside alcohol is permitted.

Trios are more than welcome, as long as they serve one Dom/Domme. Each additional submissive is R500.

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[About Master Tungsten and salve nina and why W/we are doing this]


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